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We’re Advocating for Steps to Address Biscayne Bay Pollution

On September 9, 2022, Everglades Law Center partnered with Miami Waterkeeper to provide a detailed technical comment letter to the Miami Dade County team drafting a Reasonable Assurance Plan – or RAP.  The RAP would begin the process of addressing the pollution entering Biscayne Bay and leading to seagrass losses and fish kills. The County RAP team included our comments in the final RAP document for official submission to FDEP for final review and adoption.

ELC and Miami Waterkeeper provided earlier comments after the County presented a progress update in July at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Biscayne Bay Commission meeting. Miami Waterkeeper and Everglades Law Center responded to these updates through a public comment letter. 

ELC’s and Miami Waterkeeper’s September 9, 2022 Comments

ELC’s and Miami Waterkeeper’s August 3, 2022 Comments