Everglades Restoration Timeline


Natural Resources Defense Council et al. v Antwerp et al. (Case No. 07-80444-CIV-MIDDLEBROOKS/JOHNSON)(EAA A-1 Reservoir Case)

Environmental groups challenge the Corps’ approval of Florida’s plan to build CERP projects — in particular, a portion of the EAA Reservoirs Project, a project that would provide 360,000 acre-feet of water storage in the central Everglades — without complying with the rules to protect for Everglades ecosystems the water those projects make available.  Florida’s Acceler8 Plan, through which Florida intended to implement the EAA Reservoirs Project, does not include the same protections that CERP does — specifically, “reservations” to ensure that newly made available water identified and then “dedicated and managed” for the Everglades in fact is dedicated and managed for the Everglades.