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Endangered Species & Wildlife

Florida is home to more than 100 federally listed species as well as nearly 120 state listed species. ELC attorneys take a comprehensive and integrated approach to listed species recovery by ensuring that endangered species needs are considered… Read More

Public Lands Protection

Florida has nearly 10 million acres of public lands. These lands include National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, state parks and preserves, and state and locally funded conservation areas. Unfortunately, these lands are under increasing development pressure by private… Read More

Water & Wetlands Protection

Wetlands are a major part of the South Florida Ecosystem. Yet, despite the federal and state “No Net Loss” mandate in the late 1980s, wetland loss continues to be a major issue facing south Florida. ELC attorneys have… Read More

Land Use & Sustainability

Unsustainable land use practices continue to be a major threat to the environment. A recent study finds that if Florida maintains its current development pace, roughly 7 million acres will be converted to urban use by 2060. Of… Read More