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Who can access our assistance?

We represent clients concerned about protecting natural resources and the human environment. We provide legal support for clients who cannot afford to hire private attorneys, which is why the “public interest” tends to be outweighed by certain private interests in court.

How do we decide which cases to take?

There are many threats to our environment and quality of life and unfortunately we cannot take on every case. We select cases based on a variety of factors including the determined level of need, threat of environmental harm, and the degree to which the case will help advance Everglades restoration.

Who pays us?

The Everglades Law Center represents clients “pro bono” or free of charge. On occasion, we receive significantly reduced fees. We largely depend on grants and contributions from organizations and individuals to support our work as lawyers and advocates. Our goal is to level the playing field. We take on the biggest, toughest issues and our accomplishments rival those of much larger law firms. We are a “no frills” law firm. Our administrative and overhead costs are very low, allowing us to focus on providing the highest quality representation at the lowest possible cost. We are a small organization, but we make a big impact, so even modest contributions go a long way to directly funding legal help for Florida’s special places. This is a critical time for Florida’s future, and the need for public interest legal representation for the environment has never been greater.